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Work in Niseko

Working at Niseko Ski Lodge 

Together with a great crew of professional guides and passionate skiers, snowboarders, hikers and climbers we host people from all over the world. It's important to note that when hiring new team members we are looking for the right person, not the right resume.

We look for a team of outdoor enthused, like-minded team members, capable of doing the work, but having a great time doing it. As a small business, we are after people willing to get involved in whatever needs doing. Ready to shovel some powder and then ski it, and experience the town (and the food!) so they can pass their knowledge on to our guests.


We hire some year-round employees and also seasonal employees for winter and summer. As the needs of the job are different between summer and winter our team changes with the seasons.

Summer Work


Summer is a great time to improve your Japanese skills, enjoy the “small town vibes” with town barbecues and lots of summer outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, rafting and kayaking.

General Summer Staff

Our summer team is a small and capable group, happy to take on any tasks requested of them.


We often use summer as a time of improvement for our properties so summer work includes tasks like painting, furniture building and arranging as well as the standard housekeeping and property maintenance tasks.


Some computer work is involved managing summer bookings and assisting with guest services. 

Winter Work


Winter is famous for constant snowfall and epic powder runs and our small town becomes filled with travellers from all over the world.  In our free time, we make the most of skiing, snowboarding, backcountry touring and enjoying the nightlife.

Lodge Manager

In winter, we have multiple properties operating at once, and we must manage the housekeeping and building maintenance of all buildings, as well as providing customer service to guests before and during their stay with us.


Lodge Managers main role is to make sure that all tasks due each day are completed, whether that task is assigned to the assistant or the manager. 


Workload includes both computer work, guest interaction and manual work such as bed making and snow clearing. Tasks include checks of communal tidiness along with ensuring rooms are ready and all guest services are in order for arriving guests.


While no specific experience is required, a readiness to take leadership and attention to detail is crucial to this role. 


Lodge Assistant

As the name suggests, Lodge assistants are there to support the Lodge Manager to ensure a smooth-running lodge.


Main tasks will include preparing bedrooms in lodges, cleaning communal areas, snow clearing, driving guests, setting up breakfast, arranging guest services (ski lessons, ski rental and transport for guests) and interacting with our guests.


Maintenance Supervisor (potential year-round employment)

Our maintenance supervisor position is ideal for a tradesman or skilled labourer with general knowledge in all aspects of property maintenance and vehicle care.


We have many operating cars in winter that need regular checks due to cold weather, as well as the ability to troubleshoot issues with household appliances and machinery such as boilers and radiators.


Housekeeping Supervisor (potential year-round employment)

A candidate for our housekeeping supervisor position would be organised and critical with a keen eye for detail. Our properties need to be kept in a constant state of cleanliness to present to guests, even at short notice.


The housekeeping supervisor role would be responsible for pre-arrival checks of all properties, as well as assisting managers and assistants with the daily workload.  They will keep an inventory of linen stock and be responsible for ordering for all properties. 


Guest Services Assistant (potential year-round employment)

Our guest services team manage the day to day enquiries for booking our properties, arrange ski lessons, rental hire and everything in between for our guests and liaise with our property owners.  They are in contact with our guests to plan and arrange their holiday and work with our lodge team to inform them of arrival information and special requests.

Strong written English or Japanese is required for this role (Mandarin or Cantonese would be an advantage but not required).  It is possible to do some of your work remotely (from home), or we have a place in our office for you to work from.  For this role, we are looking for a fast learner who is comfortable working on a computer all day.

No matter what role you are interested in, we believe that having fun is just as important as working hard so if you are looking for a progressive and fun place to work in Niseko get in touch.

We would love to hear from you:  Email us at and tell us a little bit about yourself, what job you're interested in and when you're coming to Niseko.

We usually start hiring our winter team from June each year, however, we are not yet taking applications for winter 2021/22, we will post on our Facebook, Instagram and update this website when we are hiring again. 


We hope to hear from those interested in working with us in Niseko.

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