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Destination Niseko

Maybe there is no real paradise on earth, but if there was it might just be Niseko. Find out more of this beautiful place that we call home.

Niseko town in summer with mount Yotei in the backgrounnd.

Niseko In Winter

A cute Japanese farming village that has become world famous because of the large amounts of snow that fall every winter. It is often referred to as the 'Aspen of Asia' and although it might sound like it's become too expensive for powder hounds to visit there are still plenty of options for travellers wanting to experience the place without spending their life savings.

Some photos we have taken around the area over the last few years will help tell the story of winter in Niseko.

Summer in Niseko

Some people say that the best time to visit Niseko is in the summer season. We definitely agree, with amazing festivals all around the area, beautiful views from the top of the mountain and flowers, fruit and fireworks! Keep an eye on our facebook page for updates on what is happening in Niseko!

The Village

Snow covered Hirafu village and ski resort at sunset.
Hirafu Village Area

Niseko is made up of 4 base village areas, with Hirafu being the busiest of the four. Niseko is located on the island on Hokkaido the famous northern island of Japan. It is the least populated of the 4 main islands (with only 2% of the countries entire population), but it offers beautiful wilderness, mountains and agriculture. Hokkaido is famous for seafood, dairy products and of course the fluffiest snow in the world (so they say).

The Mountain

Niseko United ski resort trail map
Niseko United Resort

Niseko's main ski mountain is Niseko Annupuri 1308m - on this mountain are the 4 resort areas Annupuri resort, Niseko Village resort, Grand Hirafu resort and Hanazono resort.

You can also access Niseko Moiwa nearby but it is on a different lift pass which can be purchased at the resort.

Mt Yotei

Mt Yotei is a volcano that dominates the skyline in all the villages surrounding it. You can climb it by foot in both winter and summer for beautiful views over the area. If you'd like a guide to take you up to the top we can suggest one for a winter experience (including skiing into the crater if you'd like).

Volcanoes draw in the clouds so it is not always possible to see this beautiful view. But when you can, there are many places to enjoy it all around the village. Don't worry too much about an eruption Yotei last erupted in 1050BCE.

Visit Niseko

Niseko is a beautiful place to visit no matter what time of year you decide to come over... go skiing in winter, white water rafting in spring, strawberry picking in summer and follow the falling leaves in autumn.

See you in Niseko

Snow covered mountains with writing 'check availability'

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