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New Style Travel Special


Available Period:  For stays until September 30th 2022 (checkout 1 Oct)

"Dominwari" is a travel discount subsidy, offered by the Hokkaido Government to help promote a faster recovery of travel demand, which has significantly fallen due to the COVID-19 infection.

In addition, we will distribute "Hokkaido Support Coupons" that can be used for various activities during the travel period (to eligible Dominwari users).


Target audience: All "Domin" - residents registered as living in Hokkaido are eligible, showing proof of 2 x authorised COVID vaccinations, or a negative PCR test certificate issued no more than 3 days before check-in / negative antigen test issued no more than 1 day before check-in.

Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Yamagata and Fukushima require proof of 3 x vaccinations, or negative PCR/antigen tests as above.

(Official ID must be proving an address in the target prefectures for EVERY person, for a dominwari discount to apply)

*Please note that individual people not from the target prefectures are not eligible for dominwari discounts, even if they are in a group of other people who are resident in the target prefectures.

*This promotion is not available for business travel purposes. Business "ryushusho" receipts will not be issued.


Target period: ~ Until September 30 2022 (until 1st Oct check-out) 

Discount amount: The maximum discount amount is 5,000 yen per person per night 

*Discount is available for up to 5 nights at the same facility, during a calendar month, for each individual person.


* Requests and precautions for travelers using "Dominwari"

Please check the official website of Dominwari before making a reservation

・ Implementation of "silent meals" and "silent baths" to minimize group conversations when eating or bathing in common areas

・ Wearing a mask

・ Do not speak loudly in common areas

・ Follow the instructions of the facility regarding infectious disease control

・ Registration of the Hokkaido Corona Notification System, Submission of "Consent Form" for Infection Control

・ On the day of check-in, you will need official ID to prove the addresses of EVERY guest (driver's license, health insurance card), plus proof of vaccination status or negative COVID-19 tests. (Children under junior high school are not required). If you forget official ID or vaccination / test results, the discount will not be applied and you will be charged the regular fee.

・ The budget for this project is limited. It will end as soon as the upper limit is reached.

・ This discount campaign may be suspended with little notice due to the spread of infection or outbreaks in the area. Please note that there is no discount in that case, as guests will be asked to not travel.

・ This cannot be used in combination with other campaigns or discount systems of countries, cities, towns and villages.



How to apply:


Please make an online reservation from the Book Now button at the top of our website (to book online).

When making a reservation from the website, "DOMINWARI discount ¥3000per person (or ¥4000/¥5000 per person will be displayed" next to the rates - if the property is eligible for dominwari discount during your intended dates. The rate displayed is the price after the dominwari discount has been applied to your booking.

The dominwari rates are not guaranteed - we will need to confirm every traveller's elgibility for the discount, and that there is still sufficient budget (allocated by the government) remaining at the time of booking. If our available dominwari budget has been exhausted, we will notify guests ASAP after booking, informing that the discount cannot be applied, and offering the option to cancel or change a booking.

* The price displayed will include the total dominwari discount, assuming all traveling members are eligible for the dominwari discount. The amount of discount per person is displayed.

It is the responsibility of the booking party to ensure that every guest is eligible for dominwari discounts. We must physically view government issued ID to confirm everyone's eligibility upon check-in, and check vaccination status / valid negative COVID tests.

Full (non-discounted) prices will be charged to any ineligible individual guests.

Discounts are automatically applied as follows:

Regular rate per person/night               --> Discount applied (per person / night)

3,000 yen to 3,999 yen pp/night        -->    1,000 yen discount (pp/night)

4,000 yen to 4,999 yen pp/night        -->    2,000 yen discount (pp/night)

5,000 yen to 5,999 yen pp/night        -->    2,500 yen discount (pp/night)

6,000 yen to 7,999 yen pp/night        -->    3,000 yen discount (pp/night)

8,000 yen- 9,999 yen pp/night           -->    4,000 yen discount (pp/night)

10,000 yen or more pp/night              -->    5,000 yen discount (pp/night)


[Hokkaido Support Coupons]
・ We will also give you coupons for 2,000 yen per person per night (500 yen voucher x 4 sheets) at check-in for every eligible person with a valid dominwari booking.
・ The valid period of the coupon you will receive is from your check-in date, until your check-out date.
・ These coupons are not redeemable for cash, and cannot be applied to any accommodation charges (they are for separate use). It may be possible to use in a restaurant, cafe, bar, or for various tour activities. Also, since it is a coupon, no refund will be given if any changes occur.

Niseko Ski Lodge Hirafu

Niseko Ski Lodge.jpg

Full house - 6 bedrooms

Example of discount (prices will vary depending on the date, please click the Book Now button for exact rates)

¥ 54,000 for 6 people (¥ 9,000 per person) → ¥ 30,000 for "Dominwari" (¥ 5,000 per person)

¥ 84,000 for 16 people (¥5,250 per person) → ¥ 44,000 for "Dominwari" (¥ 2,750 per person)

Trailside Apartment

Trailside Apartments.jpg

1 bedroom private apartment

2 people (1 apartment) / night

¥ 12,000 (¥ 6,000 per person) → ¥ 6,000 (¥ 3,000 per person) with "Dominwari"


4 people (1 apartment) / night

¥ 24,000 (¥ 6,000 per person) → ¥ 12,000 (¥3,000 per person) with "Dominwari"

Chalet Banff
Chalet Banff Niseko

Entire house booking (6 bedrooms, each room has private toilet and bath)

¥ 60,000 for 6 people per night (¥ 10,000 per person) → ¥ 30,000 for "Dominwari" (¥ 5,000 per person)

¥ 90,000 for 12 people per night (¥ 7,500 per person) → ¥ 54,000 for "Dominwari" (¥ 4,500 per person)

Room only (2 people)

¥ 12,000 (¥ 6,000 per person) → ¥ 6,000 (¥ 3,000 per person) with "Dominwari"

Room only (4 people)

¥ 24,000 (¥ 6,000 per person) → ¥ 12,000 (¥ 3,000 per person) with "Dominwari"

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